Poem-A-Day for Sunday, April 7

Here’s my offering for the poem–a-day challenge in observance of National Poetry Month.

Quatrain:  a poetic form consisting of stanzas containing four lines, most typically with the rhyme scheme abab (also called the heroic stanza).  This is written in iambic pentameter.


When, some years hence, my words have all been penned,
My stories told, my poems nearly spent,
If I have but one more–oh, then, dear friend,
Let that one be for you. I am content.
And if the passing years should steal my song,
If, on some day, my notes no more ring true,
Let every one of them be somehow wrong,
Save but this one–I still will sing for you.
And someday, as we look back on these days,
And smile at how we’ve lasted the years through,
If I am granted but one final gaze,
In that one glance, my eyes will be on you.
 © 2013 Ann Graham Price
All rights reserved

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Filed under friendship, Poetry, writing

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